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SpicyLinks and Network Summarization

Ross Mayfield:

Every time I see Gabe Rivera of TechMeme, I ask for the same thing — MeMeme. Give me TechMeme where the core index is based on who I read, about 150 people at any given time, to show me what my friends are interested in.

Funnily eough, that is exactly why I wrote SpicyLinks!

It works pretty well — in fact, nowadays I don’t really bother reading slashdot, Digg, Reddit, et al, particularly frequently, because I know that all the really interesting stuff will be at the top of my newsreader in the SpicyLinks feed.

Anyway, I’ve been calling SpicyLinks a ‘summarizing aggregator’, but the discussion that arose from Ross’ posting inspired me. A little bit of hacking has come up with an interesting twist: take a social network, a CGI script called deliciousnetwork2opml.cgi, and 15 minutes hacking on SpicyLinks to support inclusion of OPML via a remote URI, and hey presto — it’s now a social-network summarising aggregator. ;)