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Announcing IrishPulse

As I previously threatened, I’ve gone ahead and created a “Microplanet” for Irish twitterers, similar to Portland’s Pulse of PDX — an aggregator of the “stream of consciousness” that comes out of our local Twitter community: IrishPulse.

Here’s what you can do:

Add yourself: if you’re an Irish Twitter user, follow the user ‘irishpulse’. This will add you to the sources list.

Publicise it: feel free to pass on the URL to other Irish Twitter users, and blog about it.

Read it: bookmark and take a look now and again!

In terms of implementation, it’s just a (slightly patched) copy of Venus and a perl script using Net::Twitter to generate an OPML file of the Twitter followers. Here’s the source. I’d love to see more “Pulse” sites using this…