IrishPulse is a "microplanet" for Irish Twitter users, similar to Portland's Pulse of PDX -- an aggregator of the "stream of consciousness" that comes out of our local Twitter community.

Feel free to leave comments here regarding IrishPulse.


Here is the source code, as diffs from the current bzr version of Venus (as of 2008-03-06): - a very small patch to fix a lack of uniqueness in Twitter's Atom feeds; all feeds from Twitter use an <id> of "", which results in Venus ignoring all but one. This is a patch against Venus. - a rather more hacky patch to read the face data from a new, nonstandard "face" attribute in the OPML. - the Venus theme. - a perl script to download a list of a Twitter user's "followers", and generate an OPML file with the results. Net::Twitter is required, and you also need to create a ~/ file containing:

  $user = "twitterusername";
  $pass = "SomePassword"; - "filters/", modifies the Twitter messages in the feeds to add some useful markup and remove some extraneous noise. Use "filters =" in the Venus config.ini.

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