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Before powering on

Building. The parts arrive... left to right: the PW-200-M power build, PCI riser card, (useless) Coby power supply, EPIA ME-6000 mainboard, the PVR-350 PCI card, and 512MB of RAM.


the parts, assembled:

pvr-2jpg_640x640 pvr-3jpg_640x640 pvr-5jpg_640x640

(note the little piece of cardboard keeping the PVR-350 PCI card from flopping onto the mainboard in this pic):


Powering on for the first time

The board fully assembled and functional. Things to note in this pic --


The case

Here's what the base of the case looks like. Note the following:


The innards of the Exabyte 8500 tape drive that came out of that case. The power supply is a 60W and may even be reusable!


Two pictures of the case, with parts installed. Note the CPU heatsink just under the hard drive -- unfortunately this is the only place it fits.

In the back-right corner is the extractor fan, and up front (at the bottom of the first pic) there are the drilled holes. The IDE cable is folded to maximise airflow between the holes, the CPU, and the fan. Every little helps ;) The second pic doesn't have the cable folded yet, and you can see it would definitely block the airflow otherwise.

pvr-case-full-2 pvr-case-full

Finally, the completed box -- pretty clean-looking, despite all my hacking inside it ;) I'm considering putting an LED panel in the window, but that's a TODO.


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