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Another script:

A quick hack — – find out where your site’s google juice comes from

This script will grind through your web site’s “access.log” file (which must be in the “combined” log format). It’ll pick out the top 100 Google searches found in the referer field, re-run those searches, and determine which ones are giving your website all the linky Google love — in other words, the searches that your site ‘wins’ on.

The output is in plain text and a chunk of HTML.

usage: sitehost google-api-key < access.log > out.html


cat /var/www/logs/* | \ 0xb0bd0bb5yourgoogleapikeyhere0xdeadbeef | tee out.html

NOTE: this script requires the SOAP::Lite module be installed. Install it using apt-get install libsoap-lite-perl or cpan SOAP::Lite. It also requires a Google API key.

For example, here are the current results for this site. You can immediately see some interesting stuff that’s not immediately obvious otherwise, such as my site being the top hit for [beardy justin] ;)

Download here (5 KiB perl script).


  • if you see a lot of “502 Bad Gateway” errors, it’s probably over-zealous anti-bot ACLs on Google’s side. Try from another host.

  • Read the comments for notes on a bug in recent releases of SOAP::Lite; please let me know if you hear of them getting fixed ;)